Saturday, May 9, 2015

We Have Moved
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Friday, February 7, 2014

Cover Song: Snow Brigade (MEW Cover)

Written by MEW
Recorded, Mixed, Mastered by Fanfan

Fanfan - Vocals, Guitars, Violin
Maul - Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Aria - Keyboards
Irfan - Drums

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Video: Asphoria - Funeral For The Turquoise (Official Music Video)

Video by Asphoria (2013)
Music by Asphoria (from the album Notes About Life)
Concept by Maulana Ibrahim Rau
Camera by Irfan Taufik Rau & Maulana Ibrahim Rau
Screenplay by Achmad Fauzan Alfansuri
Location: Bandung, West Java, Indonesia

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Video: Asphoria - A Day That I'm No Good At (Official Music Video)

Video by VideoVanVolta (2012)
Camera by Ricky Volta & Ricky Herdiansyah
Music by Asphoria (from the album Notes About Life)
Concept by Maulana Ibrahim Rau & Achmad Fauzan Alfansuri
Location: Bogor, West Java, Indonesia

Sunday, December 2, 2012

We Play 3 Cover Songs

Enjoy these songs and leave comments, fellas! :)

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Asphoria live at Kickfest 2012, Bandung, Indonesia

October 12th 2012, Friday, Asphoria performed in Gasibu Bandung, at Kickfest Indonesia 2012, known as the biggest clothing event in South East Asia. That event was one of the biggest show we ever been. The event involved many kinds of music genre, which were well-participated for the musical performance. And that's why at those time, Asphoria was being helped by Muhammad Fikri (@mhdfikri) and Irfan Taufik Rau Hasibuan (@irfantaufikrau) to take the position for acoustic guitar and drums. So, here we like to share our experience. This was our journey to Bandung from October 11th until October 12th 2012.

October 11th 2012 :
We packed our stuffs, and went to Bandung at about 2 pm.

The trip took 3-4 hours, so at about 6 pm we arrived at Bandung. On the night we took our last rehearsal from 8-10 pm at M3 Studio, Bandung. These are the photos:

October 12th 2012 :
The day came, we made sure that every gear were well prepared. A huge gratitude really deserved given to Rheza Ardiansyah (@rhezaardiansyah) as Asphoria's manager, for preparing all the non and technical preferences. We came at the venue at about 4 pm, but we took our preparation for the sound at about 6 pm, and ready to perform at 6.30 pm. Picture describes everything, so here are the photos :D

                                                            Around The Venue (4-5.30 pm)                                                      

Our song in Kickfest 2012 Compilation CD
The song, Eschatology, was also a collaboration w/ Irfan (drummer)

                                                               Sound Checking (6 pm)                                                             

                                                        Live Performance (6.30-7 pm)                                                         

Besides photos, we also took a video of a song that we brought:

After that awesomeness, we went back to Bogor at about 8.30 pm, and arrived at 0.00 am. That was one of our adventure that we love, and these are the people involved at the event.

From left to right: Irfan (Additional Drums), Fikri (Additional Acoustic Guitar), Rheza (Manager), Aria (Keyboards), Maul (Bass/Vocals), Fanfan (Guitar/Vocals)